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CRA remittance requirements for both payroll and GST could sometimes get complicated and tedious due to the fact that there are numerous tax rules and regulations that needs to be complied with.

As your tax accountant, we can assist you in the accurate computation and filing of your payroll remittances and GST return. These will result in lesser CRA audits due filing and remittance errors. We will be there to assist you with CRA queries and follow-ups including the filing of your T4 summaries.

The due date for filing T3 return depends on the trust's tax year-end. You have to file the T3 return, the related T3 slips, NR4 slips, and T3 and NR4 summaries no later than 90 days after the trust's tax year-end. Payment should also be made on any balance owing no later than 90 days after the trust's tax year-end.

As you accountant, we will make sure that all tax rules and regulations unique to a trust return are all met. This includes maximizing your tax return while being compliant with Canada Revenue Agency's requirements.

Let Estrada & Tan get rid of the headache of filing your tax returns by either letting us act as your corporate tax accountant or by allowing us to provide corporate tax services in Vancouver, Whitehorse and neighbouring cities in BC and YT. ​​Our accountants of educated and experienced professionals will ensure you file your tax returns that will result in the least amount taxes payable. Please contact us via email at, or You can also call us at 604-369-1868/778-952-8255 for Vancouver or 867-334-8634 for Whitehorse to book an appointment today. 

The field of corporate income taxation is changing rapidly and it is important to have knowledgeable professionals on your side to assist you in complying with new tax rules and regulations.

As your corporate tax accountant, we will ensure you will file your return no later than six months after the end your corporation's tax year. Even though the filing deadline of the return is six months after year-end, any corporate tax owing are generally due two months after the end of the tax year. Additional conditions in accordance with the Income Tax Act should be met in order to be eligible for the three months payment deadline.

February and March are usually the time when most individuals look for a personal tax accountant. Estrada & Tan can assist you in completing and filing your personal income tax return. We will ensure that your personal tax return is filed on time and finding you tax credits (i.e. various child tax credits) available to you.

 The filing deadline for an employed taxpayer is on April 30. If you owe any taxes in the previous calendar year, payments should be made on April 30. If you are self-employed individual, the filing deadline to submit your personal income tax return is on June 15. While if there any taxes owing in the previous calendar year, payments should be made well before the June 15 filing deadline, which should be on April 30.

Taxes are ever changing and tax returns in Canada are dynamic on a year by year basis. Many people find it challenging on how to calculate tax correctly or ask themselves how much will I pay. Whether it is filing an individual tax return or a corporate tax return, mistakes can easily be made and incorrect returns filed. Incorrect returns face the risk of being audited and reassessed, and CRA will not hesitate to impose heavy penalties and interest on amounts owing. It can take hours going through records and paperwork to correct any mistakes. This will result to an even greater stress and burden to you as a taxpayer. The risk of being audited can also be expensive and time-consuming. There is also an even greater risk in missing-out on opportunities to claim more credits and refunds.

At Estrada & Tan, we are your own income tax calculator and we are committed to providing expert knowledge and advise in the preparation of your individual or corporate tax returns based on current tax rules and regulations. Our tax professionals are dedicated to helping our clients meet their needs and resolve their tax issues in a timely manner.